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 The Exchange Ceremony 2022 -  

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IThe Progressive Minds Show would like to invite you to be a part of

The Exchange Ceremony:  Celebrating Chicago’s African Diaspora to be held at the Rainbow Push Coalition Head Quarters on Saturday, June 4th, 2022


The Exchange Ceremony is an event that will bring together the Chicagoland African, Afro-Caribbean, African American, and Afro-Latinx communities to highlight their common heritage and to recognize individuals and organizations working to make our communities better.  In addition, this event will reflect upon the 400 years of African American history in the United States, the “Year of Return” as recognized by H.R. 1242 Commission Act, and renew our commitment to strengthening the unity of the African Diaspora in Chicago. The Exchange Ceremony will be a night of unity as it is designed to fully embrace, educate, and understand the ethnicities, cultures, and traditions within The African, Caribbean, African American, Latinx, and Central American communities.

During the challenges of the past two years, our leaders gave voice to our trauma and suffering and stood in the gap with the undying faith and commitment to struggle and social justice that we as a people have always demonstrated. Our African Diaspora leaders in the movement for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion for our people, stood in the gap and provided leadership.


We have carefully curated this event and cordially invite you to be present at our event alongside Reverend Jesse L. Jackson who will be receiving The Exchange Ceremony’s Legacy Award for his lifetime of service and commitment to the African Diaspora & Africa typifying the quintessential African King, Chief, Elder, and leader.

We are expecting 700 plus people to attend The Exchange Ceremony as well as national and international viewers to join the Livestream.  Dignitaries, government officials, and leaders from the business community will be in attendance. 


In addition, Rev. Jackson’s legacy is in direct alignment with The Exchange Ceremony’s vision, mission, and objective:

  • Vision: To foster greater solidarity amongst the African Diaspora.

  • Mission: To celebrate the beauty and humanity of the global African family.

  • Objective: One people, working together.


Your participation as an Honoree at this event would be truly appreciated, as you will witness the authentic traditional ceremony for his Chiefdom, while your presence contributes to The Exchange Ceremony’s successful and memorable experience for all.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 815.409.9123.

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The Exchange Ceremony
Event Program

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