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About Us

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The Progressive Minds Show is a 501c3 nonprofit online radio show and media organization dedicated to building our community. We encourage and promote diverse perspectives as a way of stimulating unity and respect in our society. Our dialogue style engages with respected subject matter experts to educate, empower, and engage a global audience. As cultural advocates, we support initiatives dedicated to helping youths, the voiceless, and the disenfranchised. Our passion is to stand for cultural identity. Our style is unique as we consistently engage more than two analytical, critical, and expert views on each of the weekly topics. We are a committed radio show that has the interest of community growth at heart. It is our firm belief that ideas, solutions, and human resources abound so much within us in our communities hence when we are able to harness all of these in a collective and constructive dialogue, we will be able to bring positive results to many of the issues that we struggle with daily.

Positive Vibes or Progressive Minds were the two favorite phrases that will always jump at me anytime I will reflect on life. It was quite late afternoon when I finally settled on the latter as the vision that I would impact our society. My passion has always been for the well-being of people and community growth.

Over the years, The Progressive Minds Radio Show has covered a number of topics pertaining to socio-economic challenges, health crises, business aspirations, and many other areas within the realm of things that impact our communities in the Black Diaspora.  Alinco has been very keen on incorporating many diverse persons of gender, race, nationalities, and others who have a direct impact on our community within the Diaspora.


How We Do It

THE PROGRESSIVE MINDS SHOW is committed to effecting positive attitudes within our society through engaging dialogue. We acknowledge the urgency to our wellbeing is in finding the balance between old and new. We seek to connect the cultures within the Black Diaspora. We organically examine these ideas while advocating for good health, community growth, and unity. We have covered a wide range of topics that impact our communities including social, economic, health, and business. “Alinco” has been very keen on incorporating many diverse persons of gender, race, nationality, and disability who have a direct impact on our community and society at large.

To whom much is given, much is required.

Our Approach

Changing mindsets in the diaspora and in Africa. Building our communities through dialogue while effecting positive attitudes, dedicated to promoting unity, education, healing and cultural empowerment within the African Diaspora and continental Africans.

Our Mission

To serve as a positive factor in the minds of people globally.

Our Vision



the community by engaging community members in very important dialogues.


the voiceless in deprived geographical locations far and near.


our differences as a society of diverse people with a common goal for a better future.


 the gab between Africans, Caribbeans, African Americans and Latinx.

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a.k.a - Alinco



...loves God, family, people, nature, music and sports.


Nathaniel Sena Amenyo aka Alinco was born and raised in Ghana. He worked briefly for WAPCO (West Africa Gas Pipeline 2006 -2007 and then migrated to the U.S. after completing a Bachelor’s degree from Central University College in 2006. He co-founded and organized for more than 7 years Save The Dance, a yearly event that involved all high schools in Ghana in a dancing competition that aimed solely at creating Awareness and Prevention of HIV/AIDS, STDs & malaria diseases among the youths. By 2012, he had completed his MBA in Healthcare Administration from Argosy University - Chicago. He then pursued a career at Enova International, Yawsoft Technologies, BMO Harris, Legends Media Network Group, and Walgreens Headquarters. He has had the privilege of serving his community here in Chicago in many aspects; as a volunteer youth leader at Calvary Church, Naperville from 2008 – 2010, as the founder and coach of a local soccer team for the youth at CCH (Christ Center of Hope) which participated in several local soccer tournaments.

Sena is a community guy first and foremost and an IT professional with a specific focus on Data Modeling. He founded The Progressive Minds Show in October 2016 and has successfully interviewed great and important dignitaries like the Secretary of State Jesse White, Clerk Of Cook County Court Dorothy Brown, Judges James Shapiro, Robyn D. Shoffner, Debra Seaton, Mayoral Candidate Amara Enyia, Paul Vallas & Dr. Willie Wilson, Juliana Stratton Deputy Illinois Governor, The Abolition Institute, CEOs, community activists, Alderman James Cappleman, medical doctors and many more. He has on two occasions treated the divide between Africans and African Americans; had a show on the South & Westside Of Chicago highlighting the positives in these communities. In 2017, he was part of a team that marched for Stopping Slavery in Libya at the Daley Center and later joined Reverend Jesse Jackson for a press conference on the subject.

Sena has also spearheaded events aimed at bringing peace, unity, and love to our communities and curbing crime and gun violence in Chicago during his time as General Manager at Wghc 98.3; a Ghanaian radio station on the Northside. He received an award in 2018 at Loyola University from The Abolition Institute for his work and support for the fight against Slavery in Mauritania. He founded The Exchange Foundation in 2019 with the aim of connecting, celebrating, and embracing the different cultures within the African/Black Diaspora starting with Chicago to mark the historic year of 400 Years of Slavery in America as the Year of Return. He also founded The African Diaspora Summit Series (TADSS) which is a continuous gathering of people of the Afro decent communities engaging in conversations that will lead to an understanding of the culture of The African/Black people. All Nations Soccer Tournament & Mr. Miss Africa Diaspora. He is also the Founder & CEO of 105Xchange Radio

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors
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