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I have a question, who better can define you? Black Beauty, You, or someone else?

The *Miss African Diaspora Cultural Beauty Pageant* is the beginning of how we as the melanin people will like to define our own narrative of what beauty really is. There are so many societal norms pushed by the media, that have been trying to define Africans/Blacks across the globe for centuries. This pageant will honor African beauty and culture the way it truly is. This contest is also intended to promote business within the Afrocentric clothing and jewelry industry. Women ages 18-40yrs no longer need to feel insecure or bad about themselves just because of their Afrocentric look or because they are of African descent. Progressive Minds Show would proudly like to present the true African Beauty"

The search for the Diaspora Queen. Please contact us;

(Dr. Birdy Haggerty - 30 years of Pageantry Experience 773.943.9683) for further details.

BEAUTY - showcasing the beauty of delegates whose ancestry originated in Africa. celebrating the various skin tones of latte, almond, mocha, honey, mahogany, pecan, and ebony; with a fashion presentation of garments from local African boutiques.

CULTURE - proudly sharing the African culture in style, elegance, grace & precision through networking with entrepreneurs. To educate the community on purchasing and using African and Afrocentric clothing, food, jewelry, furniture, and other artifacts. Boosting the afro fashion industry.

UNITY - reuniting people through arts, fashion, and beauty under one umbrella to work together in culture and partnerships for economic success for all.     

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