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Dr. Jamilah Okoe 


Alinco and his "Progressive Minds" program provides a wonderful platform to discuss a variety of topics that affect the members of the African diaspora. As a previous guest and current listener, the "Progressive Minds" show is very inclusive in its target audience and diverse in the information it disseminates on the radio. 


Dr. Aaron Ohemeng
Dentist Oakpark Chicago

The Progressive Minds Show's mission is to arouse consciousness among Africans both on the main continent and in the diaspora to think positively about themselves so as to fulfill the LORD GOD the Creator's mission. That is, God created man in His own image for fellowship with Him.

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Dorothy Brown

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County

“The Progressive Minds Radio Show is a thought-provoking, issues-oriented show, which feeds both the mind and soul of people around the world.”

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Joseph Awinongya

The Progressive Minds Show brings the African community together in the Diaspora. It's a platform that connects the dots and brings awareness to the African Americans and Africans.


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Krystal Okeke

Journalist/Activist | CEO Miss & Mrs. America Nation | America Kids | Multicultural Organization. | Ms. Illinois USA UNIVERSAL 16


Progressive Minds is a platform that has empowered Miss & Mrs. America Nation and America Kids Multicultural Organization. It has given us a voice to empower others and set room for expressing diversity in opinions. We love Sena Alinco.


Fatima Traore

President Illinois Hair | Braiders Association


I personally think that The Progressive radio is one of the rare shows that serves as a platform tackling issues like diversity, culture, arts, politics, and economic challenges through the radio; making the impossible possible. The show reminds us that before we are who we are, we are all humans and together we can make it. Thanks, Progressive Minds. Keep up the good work.


Jeff Badu - CPA

Owner - Badu Tax Services LLC


Progressive Minds is a great show that promotes critical causes such as business. I was a part of a great business discussion and was able to share some great insight. I highly recommend the show! 


Sean Turner

Founder - Abolition Institute | President KNI Communications


"Progressive Minds does an amazing job of showcasing diverse viewpoints on important topics. The information and perspective the show provides on issues impacting Africa and African immigrants is extremely valuable"

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Ciara Miller

Afro American Studies Professor | CEO of Miller's Learning Center


The Progressive Minds Show has tremendously benefited my Afro American Studies classes at Kennedy King College.


My students are not only able to engage African American history and present conditions, but they are allowed to understand the global plight of Blacks and confront divisions between African Americans and continental Africans.


Alinco's ability to gather community leaders throughout the city of Chicago is phenomenal. He offers a platform for these leaders to share their resources in hopes to elevate our communities.  Additionally, he does a great job of inviting guests who offer political insight that can assist my students with understanding the values of candidates.


The Progressive Minds Show gave my students so much confidence in their voices--to hear their ideas addressed on a radio show has offered them a lasting memory of being a part of a socially progressive movement.


Overall, I and my students have gained a wealth of knowledge through engaging the show, and I believe that it is a wonderful alternative to mainstream news.


The Progressive Minds Show truly covers the topics that concern Blacks across the globe and bridges cultural gaps.

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