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Who We Are

Positive Vibes or Progressive Minds were the two favorite phrases that will always jump at me anytime I will reflect on life. It was a quite late afternoon when I finally settled on the later as the vision that I would to impact on our society. My passion has always been for the wellbeing of people and community growth advocacy but had been subtle due to the chase for the American dream. So, when my friend (Black Jesus) invited me as a guest on his show for the first time to a local Ghanaian radio station in Chicago, my purpose on earth was uncovered and affirmed there and then.

About Us

Changing mindsets in the diaspora and in Africa. Building our communities through dialogue while effecting positive attitudes, dedicated to promoting unity, education, healing and cultural empowerment within the African Diaspora and continental Africans.

Our Mission

About the Program

The Progressive Minds Show is an online radio show that runs on Wednesday evenings from 6pm-8pm CST 12AM GMT Live on Facebook and Youtube. We currently also stream live on  MyStar Radio and soon to be on our website and other podcast platforms. Our style on radio is unique as we consistently engage more than two analytical, critical and expertise views on each of weekly topics. We encourage and promote diverse perspectives as a way of stimulating unity and respect. We advocate for the youth, represent the voiceless and stand for cultural identity.

Sena “Alinco”, a radio host, production manager, community organizer, critical thinker, sports, and soccer enthusiast among many other things. With his passion for social activism, he emerged as an award-winning radio personality by the Abolition Institute. He is well known - loved host who embodies the voice of the people in which he serves on his mission of effecting positive attitudes within our society through verbal dialogue.



the community by engaging community members in very important dialogues.


the voiceless in deprived geographical locations far and near.


our differences as a society of diverse people with a common goal for a better future.


 the gab between Africans, Caribbeans, African Americans and Latinx.

Our Events


Our events are unity-focused ceremonies.  We meet with excellence being held as an important step toward unifying the African, Afro-Caribbean and African-American communities. All of these communities make up the African Diaspora.


We are grateful to our sponsors & partner companies' support who enable us to fulfill our vision through our series of events, radio shows, and community projects.


Your commitment and generosity are truly appreciated. Because of supporters like you, THE PROGRESSIVE MINDS SHOW will remain a powerful resource for generations to come.

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Previous Shows

We discuss pressing, educational and developmental issues confronting our community, Africa and the diaspora. This is done on weekly bases with resource persons who volunteer in the area of discussion. 

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